Saying goodbye to a friend

Sometimes a person comes into your life for a period of time, say JG. And she is a wonderful person! But certain things were said over the phone that can never be taken back. A pain and a hurt when someone like me who struggles with depression and anxiety hears “You will never change” or ” This will happen again” “You will lose your friends”. Someone who deals with anxiety and friendships shouldn’t hear things like that. It’s just not right. And then to let it go on without an apology! I may have done things to hurt another, but I’ve always regretted and made amends. But in hindsight the things which were said on the phone, and the reaction she took far outweighed whatever offense I have committed. And to tell me that I am never allowed over her house again? Unless her husband is around? What the hell is that? She’s always invited me over at different times and she just sullied our friendship by suggesting that it could be anything else. She has taken away the innocence of the friendship. 2 years of knowing someone and they treat you like a crazy. But really the icing on the cake is her telling me that I cannot speak to my parish priest who also happens to be my confessor and spiritual guide. “You don’t talk to Father about me do you?” She barked..  Oh well…Father was none to pleased to hear she forbade someone to speak to him.


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